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What is a Miter cut tile?

Tiling that uses a miter cut technique to reduce sharp edges or corners by cutting the tile at a 45-degree angle. A miter cut eliminates the biscuit, which is the underside of the tile during the cutting process. After one tile is pressed against another

How To Clean Tiles?

The downside of tile flooring is sand and grit, which corrode the surface. These elements can scratch the floor if not removed. Cleaning your tile floors regularly will prevent them from being permanently damaged. Furthermore, dirty tiles can make even the cleanest of rooms appear

Interior Tiles 86%
Exterior Tiles 72%
Kitchen Tiles 65%
Bathroom Tiles 78%

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This is all done by a hardworking and experienced family team that will provide the result quickly and without any hidden costs or budget blowouts. We work dedicatedly to consistently achieve premium quality and high finish. Connect with our experts for a free estimate.

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