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Deck Jacks

Deck Jacks are the perfect solution to a number of problems that property owners may face due to a weak waterproofing membrane. Whether you want to create a level for timber decking, need a floating deck or looking to create a better flow between indoor & outdoor space, deck jacks are the ideal solution. Moreover, they help homeowners abide by the building code compliance as NZ building laws require to have a gap of 100mm between the waterproofing membrane and floor tiles.

To ensure your residential or commercial unit follows these guidelines, our specialists are trained to offer professional Deck Jack installations. Our team has extensive experience working on various surfaces and offers the best deck jack installation services. We thoroughly plan the project and place the deck jacks over the waterproofing membrane as per the size of the tiles and the level of height required. So, if you want self-levelling decks that can adjust accordingly, then deck jacks from My Tiling are the ideal choice.

Deck Jack Installations

If you are looking to get your deck or outdoor area tiled with deck jacks, My Tiling is the Auckland tiler for you. The leaky home syndrome has stopped here! As deck jacks sit over the membrane, they allow it to breathe, ensuring that these membranes last longer. Moreover, the deck jacks allow the tiles to temporarily lift up and repair any leaks and cuts in the membrane.

The need to inspect waterproofing membranes after the completion of a project has become paramount nowadays. Installing tiles, stone or pavers over a deck jack system allows the membrane underneath to flex and move freely. It also gives tilers the flexibility to remove any cracked or broken tile and replace it with a new one without disturbing the other tiles on the surface.

It has long been recognized that over time fixing tiles externally over timber substrates can be problematic. Deck jacks are the solution to finish your modern project, giving you a level traffic able surface to the indoor and outdoor flow. Our professionals have the experience, knowledge and skills to install deck jacks in interior and exterior spaces. We arrive on time, do the job and finish the project to the highest standards.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your space a major uplift and cut down on the maintenance cost with professional deck jack installation from My Tiling. Call us now for a free quote!

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When you hire My Tiling for your next tiling and waterproofing job, you can be assured that you will be getting the very best finish completed to an industry standard. Why? Because we have access to reliable suppliers who stock industry-grade waterproofing membranes that can expand and compress without losing their properties, helping your buildings stay dry in all weather conditions.

This is all done by a hardworking and experienced family team that will provide the result quickly and without any hidden costs or budget blowouts. We work dedicatedly to consistently achieve premium quality and high finish. Connect with our experts for a free estimate.

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