Traditional Cement Sand Screeds

Sand and Cement Screeding

Traditional sand and cement screed is an economical solution to achieve premium floor finish. It uses sharp sand, cement and a very low quantity of water that enables easy application and promises durability. However, the application of sand cement screed is what makes it a better choice. An inexperienced mason or professional will do more harm than good and will result in wastage of resources, time and money.

That’s why My Tiling has highly skilled professionals in the team that have a solid foundation in structural engineering and do the job to perfection. As we used a ready-mixed floor screed, our focus is mainly on the application. For that, we use high-end tools and products that ensure uniformity, semi-dry consistency and smoothness, and give your walls and floors the desired finish. We follow the structural guidelines and customise the process, so you get exactly what you wish for -smooth, even, long-lasting and premium floor coverings.

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Our Skills

When you hire My Tiling for your next tiling and waterproofing job, you can be assured that you will be getting the very best finish completed to an industry standard. Why? Because we have access to reliable suppliers who stock industry-grade waterproofing membranes that can expand and compress without losing their properties, helping your buildings stay dry in all weather conditions.

This is all done by a hardworking and experienced family team that will provide the result quickly and without any hidden costs or budget blowouts. We work dedicatedly to consistently achieve premium quality and high finish. Connect with our experts for a free estimate.

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