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Dampness and water leakage could damage the structural integrity of your home or commercial unit. When the water seeps into crevices, it could damage the concrete and make the walls hollow, making the structure vulnerable to strong winds and rough weather. Thus, it is essential to waterproof your wet areas like kitchen, bathroom, and laundry professionally.

MyTiling is a premier waterproofing company in Auckland that offers the best waterproofing solutions to commercial and residential units of all sizes. We have a team of certified tile waterproofing experts who use high-quality waterproofing systems that can withstand rough New Zealand weather. With a blend of high-end waterproofing membrane and exquisite tile installation services in Auckland, we guarantee to keep your wet areas dry. We are the Auckland waterproofing specialists you can rely on for top-notch workmanship.

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Yes. If the old waterproof is still in warranty and has only minor cuts, then it can be patched, and you can waterproof over it. But, if there are multiple cuts and it is weakened, then the best option is to remove it and waterproof the structure with a new, high-quality waterproof membrane.

Interior Tiles 86%
Exterior Tiles 72%
Kitchen Tiles 65%
Bathroom Tiles 78%

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When you hire My Tiling for your next tiling and waterproofing job, you can be assured that you will be getting the very best finish completed to an industry standard. Why? Because we have access to reliable suppliers who stock industry-grade waterproofing membranes that can expand and compress without losing their properties, helping your buildings stay dry in all weather conditions.

This is all done by a hardworking and experienced family team that will provide the result quickly and without any hidden costs or budget blowouts. We work dedicatedly to consistently achieve premium quality and high finish. Connect with our experts for a free estimate.

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